Blockchain/ DLT Expert

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€250,000 tax free plus bens

General Mission Summary:

The Innovation Center continuously conduct technology exploration, development, prototyping, and technology transfer work. This includes analysis and identification of potential use cases of the emerging technologies relevant to the financial sector, implement use cases to test and learn how the technology works, identify potential opportunities/limitations for financial sector use, and share lessons learnt guidance across various stakeholders on what the technology can do when applied within particular boundaries. In addition, the center act as a technical reference unit for advanced and emerging technologies, and respond to some selected gaps within internal stakeholders that require utilization of advanced technologies.


  • Research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies.
  • Design software architectures for software prototypes in payment tokens (CBDC in particular) and DeFi applications.
  • Lead a software development team on blockchain projects (related to the finance sector).
  • Handle technical communication with partners.
  • Brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies as they continually evolve.
  • Maintain and extend current client- and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic.
  • Be involved in the global blockchain community.
  • Document new solutions as well as maintaining that of existing ones.


  • Strong software development background
  • Strong background in blockchain/DLT/Smart Contract Platforms (e.g., Ethereum(EVM), Binance Smart Chain, and Solana)
  • Experience working with large codebases
  • Experience working with open-source projects
  • Proficiency in the following programming languages: Solidity, Rust, TypeScript, Node.js, GraphQL, Python, C/C++
  • Strong knowledge of bitcoin-like blockchains
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
  • Familiarity with basic cryptography
  • Familiarity with P2P networks
  • Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code
  • Great communication skills


*NB: All applicants CVS will be reviewed and should your skillset match our client’s requirements, we will contact you via email / mobile. We are also happy to consider you for other open opportunities within Firstaff. If however, you object to us holding your data on file, please acknowledge via email by return.*




Paul Dooley

Managing Director

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