School Secretary

Overall Responsibility and Role:

The School Secretary will:
– report directly to the Principal
– be responsible for the efficient organisation and administration of the
office of the Principal and for ongoing communications and liaison with
the Deputy Principals.

The role of School Secretary includes a number of key areas of
responsibilities and duties. In broad terms the school secretary will:
1. Provide secretarial and administrative support to the Principal and
Deputy Principals in the delivery of all their key administrative and
secretarial functions
2. Provide administrative and secretarial support to the Deputy Principals
and in the delivery of key administrative and secretarial functions and
as determined by the Principal to other staff in the school
3. Keep school and office records and files including electronic systems
up to date and organised
4. Carry out reception tasks as required
5. Organise and manage school data systems e.g. PPOD, OLCS, general
records, prepare material to ensure appropriate and timely returns and
reporting to the Department of Education and other agencies, provide
support to general ICT systems
6. Prepare material, data and reports for the Board of Management and
Department of Education or other appropriate bodies
7. Organise School Accounts including the petty cash account to reflect
all income and expenditure as appropriate

Hansfield ETSS: Information Note – School Secretary August 2021.
8. Organise communication with parents/guardians as appropriate
9. Liaise with school suppliers to place orders and follow up in respect of
deliveries and payments and maintain records of all transactions
10.Perform such other similar duties as may be required and generally
carry out such duties as may be required from time to time by the
Board of Management, Principal, Deputy Principal or other person in

Specific Duties:

Duties will be performed in accordance with duly conveyed instructions.
Specific duties falls under a number or areas as set out below.

a) Duties to the Principal
The School Secretary will support the Principal in the administration and
day-to-day operation of the school, for example:
 Answering and screening phone calls for the Principal
 Typing reports and correspondence
 Setting appointments and making phone calls on behalf of the
 Arranging meetings as required, maintaining records of meetings
and circulating minutes and relevant documentation
 Maintaining the Principal’s Diary and managing their appointments
 Making travel arrangements on behalf of the Principal
 Maintaining files in the Principal’s office
 Management of daily and weekly notices to staff and parents and
other relevant parties.

b) Administrative Duties relating to Human Resources
The School Secretary will support the:
 Recruitment of staff e.g. placing advertisement, issuing
correspondence to candidates in respect of interviews and
assisting the Principal with the selection process
 Filing of personnel records and updating when necessary.
Hansfield ETSS: Information Note – School Secretary August 2021.

c) Administrative Duties to the School
The School Secretary will support the:
 Maintenance of the School Year Diary and Calendar
 Preparation for and organisation of parent/teacher meetings
 Preparation for and organisation of information evenings for
incoming first years and their parents, transition year information
evenings and senior cycle information evenings etc.
 Organisation of Award Ceremonies and Graduation Events for
example: ordering of invitations, liaising with the printers;
preparing invitation lists; issuing invitations; booking the
photographer; liaising with relevant parties
 Preparation of reports and correspondence to parents, including
communication by email and text
 Maintenance of student and family files including inputting and
updating data bases
 Organisation of annual assessment tests for in-coming students in
liaison with the Career Guidance Team and Special Needs Team
 Organisation of and disseminating in-house timetables for house
examinations and preparation for State Examinations including
dissemination of results in conjunction with the State
Examinations Commission
 Student admissions’ process to include the preparation of
documentation, the maintenance of the admissions’ database
and the organisation of communications and correspondence in
relation to admissions
 Organisation of and management of data relating to students
from 1
st to 6th, to include the generation and distribution of year
and class lists, booklists and updating of all lists
 Generation and updating of key lists e.g. staff lists, subject areas
and subject departments, sub-groups/working groups etc.
 Preparation of timetables and the distribution of individual teacher
and individual student timetables
 Monitoring of school supplies and ordering of supplies following
agreed procedures
 Preparation and submission of September and October returns to
the Department of Education (specific training will be provided)
Hansfield ETSS: Information Note – School Secretary August 2021.
 Inputting of data as advised by the Principal or a nominated
Deputy Principal in respect of the OLCS (Online Claims System)
for substitute teachers paid by the Department of Education – this
work involves data inputting for verification by the authorised user,
i.e. the Principal (specific training will be provided).

d) Administrative Support to Team Members
The School Secretary will provide administrative and secretarial support to
other team members as required. Such duties will be prioritised by the
Principal or Deputy Principals for example:
 Assisting team members with correspondence, communications
and filing as needed
 Preparing and distributing materials for meetings and parents/
guardians or others as needed
 Typing correspondence or reports for team members, if necessary

e) General Communications
The School Secretary will:
 Communicate appropriately with parents/guardians in respect of
students’ attendance or if they fall ill (guidance will be provided)
 Prepare and issue appropriate notices and information bulletins to
 Communicate with the web-service provider and nominated team
members in respect of updates for the school website
 Support the preparation of school Bulletins and Newsletters and
ensure effective and appropriate distribution
 Update the details in the Staff Handbook when relevant and as
 Ensure that approved and agreed policies and procedures are filed
and available on the school website and on the school platform as
The above list of duties while comprehensive but is not exhaustive.

Terms of Employment:

The terms of employment will in accordance with the Organisation of the
Working Time Act.

Hours of work
The full time positon will be between 37 and 39 hours a week. The annual
leave entitlement will be 20 days (excluding public holidays).
The Part-time position will be organised on a pro-rata basis.


The position will be paid in accordance with Department of Education
guidance for School Secretaries (Grade 111 or Grade IV when student and
staff numbers reach a particular level).
The successful candidate may be given some credit for previous experience,
in which case an appropriate hourly/weekly rate will be agreed relative to a
specific point on the appropriate pay scale.

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