Senior Central Bank Cash Management Advisor

Additional Information

Salary: €300,000 (Tax Free)

Contract type: Full Time Contract

Location: Middle East

The successful candidate will lead and support the development of a new strategy, operating model and organizational structure for the Cash Management Function.

The incumbent will also be responsible for the detailed documentation required for implementation and go-live of the new setup including functional statements, job descriptions, delegation of authority, policy documents, procedure manuals, process flows.

Job Responsibilities

  • Identify and understand the role of each stakeholder involved with Cash Management including but not limited to the Central Bank, Financial Services Industry, Ministry of Finance and other government bodies.
  • Understand the detailed workings of how Cash Management Policies are enforced through the current protocols and procedures in place (and other external stakeholders where relevant)
  • Review all Cash Management related projects in the last 10 years and provide an Executive Summary of reasons for the project, changes implemented and benefits seen.
  • Using internal available and external data, analyse the current cash cycle along with cash growth/reduction projections until 2030.
  • Draft an initial findings summary identifying where the existing setup would have any limitations requirements for the updated 2030 cash cycle projections.
  • Research how other G7/G10 economies and Central Banks have/are enhancing and updating their Cash Management Strategy with the increasing use of digital money and digital currencies and how the role of Treasury functions at Central Banks/Government is impacted.
  • Present options for the new Target Operating Model clearly identifying where technology will be implemented and the role of the existing Cash Management Centres
  • Draft an implementation roadmap seeking input from internal and external stakeholders as required and enhance this to make the roadmap into a detailed project plan once technology requirements have been agreed upon
  • Develop a Cash Management Transformation Project Management Office which will be tasked with overseeing the transition from existing to the new organization structure.
  • Introduce relevant project management tools to ensure high-quality oversight and governance of the transformation project.
  • Ensure relevant team members are involved with the PMO and implementation to aid with knowledge transfer to the team and retain a corporate history of the project within the organization

Minimum Qualifications & Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Ten+ years’ experience in Cash Management, Treasury or related business experience
  • Previous work experience in Central Bank Cash Management role or related roles
  • Previous work experience of developing strategy at an organizational level and involved with its implementation

Desired Qualifications & Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Fifteen+ years’ experience in Cash Management, Treasury or related business experience.
  • Work experience must be in Central Bank Cash Management, Treasury, Consulting Firm
  • Experience of economic data gathering and analysing to develop forward-looking projections
  • Previous work experience of developing strategy at a national level and overseeing its implementation

*NB: All applicants CVS will be reviewed and should your skillset match our client’s requirements, we will contact you via email / mobile. We are also happy to consider you for other open opportunities within Firstaff. If however, you object to us holding your data on file, please acknowledge via email by return.*


Paul Dooley

Managing Director

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