Tax free Procurement Director (EPC & Mega Construction )

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Additional Information:

Job Title: Procurement Director (EPC & Mega Construction )

Reports To: Executive Director Procurement

Division: Procurement

Location: Saudi Arabia

Role Purpose:

Candidate will be responsible for leading the sourcing effort for materials and Contracting spend identifying potential suppliers and conducting negotiations on high-value or strategic categories. Similarly, the candidate needs to have sound skills on: – a strong leader, great communicator and negotiator and an analytical mind capable of taking on the toughest challenges. He is responsible for leading all global Construction Procurement efforts to efficiently and effectively enable spend owners such as business units and functional partners to maximize the value they receive from suppliers to meet their objectives. He will work intensely with NEOMs Construction/Projects unit to lead centralized Material & Construction sourcing and procurement efforts. This will include working with the internal stakeholder from initial need identification to final goods or service delivery to meet stakeholder needs. He will accomplish these tasks through a team of senior sourcing and procurement professionals, who will work for and with the various business units and suppliers selected to meet their needs. He will also establish relationships with senior-most budget holders to ensure that procurement gets aligned with their particular objectives, and to enlist their support (and some level of their resources) in participating in supply base improvement efforts. In addition, he will be responsible for overall Contracting procurement strategy and for increasing spend under management (which doesn’t have to include resources that report hard line to him), identifying and evolving best practices and transforming the organization from one that is often still locally driven to one that is led by a center of excellence. In regions where local requirements need to dominate for practical reasons, the PD will apply knowledge and expertise to assist the local business units in strategy development, tender execution, contract negotiation and supplier performance evaluation.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Creation and ongoing value creation with a world class supply base
  • Development of organizational procurement strategy
  • Creation and management of short, mid, and long term goals and objectives
  •  Creation and improvement of best-practice based processes (e.g., leadership of high-value/strategic sourcing efforts)
  •  Management of business process outsourcing activities
  •  Identification and realization of cost-saving and cost-reduction opportunities
  •  Selection and management of procurement systems / Solutions.
  •  Management of procurement staff in (and across) sourcing, contracting, operational procurement, supplier management, and miscellaneous internal procurement support activities
  •  Creating a talent management process in coordination with HR to ensure that the right resources are in place within the Construction Procurement space
  •  Managing the skills and competency development of procurement staff, including training development and knowledge management capabilities
  •  Leadership of cross-functional teaming across other business functions and initiatives
  •  Budget management for categories under management 
  •  Development of benchmarks to be used for continuous improvement
  •  Building a Construction Procurement Center of Excellence (CoE) to help transform Procurement, and also support broader transformation of the value chain and the enterprise


Required Skills:

  • Strong leadership skills, Team player at executive levels to collaborate with business units and functional partners like IT, finance, HR, legal, etc.

  • Solid operational management and general business skills and savvy.

  • Working knowledge of finance and/or accounting in terms of budgeting, cost management, financial accounting, treasury, risk management, etc.

  • Industry knowledge in terms of broad industry dynamics on the buy-side (and the sell-side), but also the internal knowledge and “language of the business”.

  • Excellent communication skills and even better listening skills that allows the PD to get the “voice of the internal customer” and to understand the company culture and how to best communicate procurement’s value to it.

  • Ability to “sell” procurement’s value and to run procurement as a services business like any other well-run professional services business. In-depth knowledge of sourcing and procurement principles and best practices, but doesn’t have to come from within the procurement ranks.

  • Strong negotiation skills to use for large commercial deals. Experience with modern sourcing and procurement systems.

  • Familiarity with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as understanding of standard contractual terms and conditions to mitigate legal risk.

  • Strategic mindset and problem-solving skills. Change management skills and self-awareness to take varying approaches with a dynamic set of stakeholders (e.g., expert model vs. facilitative model).

  • Knowledge of enterprise risk management and business continuity planning. Analytical mindset, but also creativity to seek, encourage and find non-traditional approaches.


  • At least 10 years of senior supply management experience (or 15 years depending on the job requirements and the skills/education of the candidate), operational management experience, or experience in the primary service delivery of the organization is typical.
  • Candidates typically come up from the ranks or from procurement organizations of another firm (usually within a similar industry.
  • Extensive Pre-experience in Projects/Construction Procurement and Contracting (ideally mega projects) is important), but for those who come from:
  • Other parts of the business (finance, supply chain, engineering, etc.)
  • Procurement consulting (i.e., partner level for many years)
  • Strong experience in FIDIC Contracts and overall Contracting (Constructiuon Services) is a must have
  • The sell-side of a large supplier segment (i.e., someone who was on “the other side of the negotiating table”)


At least a Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, economics, finance, operations, engineering or a related area, with a Master’s degree preferred.

*NB: All applicants CVS will be reviewed and should your skillset match our client’s requirements, we will contact you via email / mobile. We are also happy to consider you for other open opportunities within Firstaff. If however, you object to us holding your data on file, please acknowledge via email by return.*


Paul Dooley

Managing Director

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