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IT Jobs

Firstaff is your ideal partner to search for your perfect IT jobs. As the tech sector in Ireland continues to grow, leading to a shortage of skilled talent and more competition than ever to attract the best and brightest talent, the Firstaff IT Recruiters are here to help with your recruitment challenges.

Firstaff’s IT recruitment expertise spans over 25 years of working with some of the top global companies and innovative start-up’s attracting world class IT talent from across the world to help our clients grow their IT teams and develop their business. Firstaff Recruiters have the strong understanding of clients’ needs, domain knowledge and envied network in the tech vertical that our clients require. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of tech companies at every stage, through expert, embedded talent acquisition.

We work in partnership with both our client’s and candidates throughout to support in-house and contract hires in the following areas; Software Development, DevOps, Technical/Helpdesk Support, QA/Test, Infrastructure and Network Engineering, Systems & Database Administration/DBA, Business Intelligence/BI, Software Architecture, IT Security, UX/UI Design & Development, Project and Programme Management


IT jobs have easily become one of the fastest growing fields of the last generation. This is because the technology moves so fast, employers are constantly on the prowl for candidates that have the education and flexibility to stay on top of their complex infrastructures. In return, job growth and salaries have remained attractive. Coupled with this is the industry’s vast range of opportunities. You can tailor your skills to match any number of jobs such as systems administrator, help desk technician, technical support, software assurance analyst and more.

How to Look for IT Jobs Ireland  Get Your CV in Shape.

You want to start by making sure your CV is up-to-date. This means looking at your current set of hard and soft skills, and highlighting what makes them unique for the job you have in mind. Even if you are fresh out of school, you can cull academic and personal experiences to find the talents that qualify you for IT. Make sure you tailor your CV based on the job description. Hiring managers are keen to see candidates that know the details of their positions, as opposed to a generic CV sent out blindly for multiple openings.

Research the Industry

Put a little energy into learning more than the technical aspects of a position. You’re much more likely to get an IT job in the pharmaceutical industry if you can show you have some knowledge of that sector. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to school for that trade. It does mean knowing about the position and the industry before applying. In the age of the Internet, this is a relatively easy task to accomplish. Make sure your CV relays information about industry-specific software and hardware platforms. This will go a long way with hiring managers and finding IT jobs Ireland.

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Firstaff can boast over five decades in the IT recruitment business. That means every candidate can rest assured that hiring managers at the best companies are turning to Firstaff to find top talent in the field of information technology.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or looking for new work, turning to a recruiter like Firstaff is always going to be the best way to locate IT jobs Ireland.



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