Five job search myths to ignore

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How do we approach job searching these days when are all so busy between rushing to work, hobbies and trying to plan a family day out at the weekend? When do we have time to look for a job? So then comes setting some time aside for the job hunting only to find you are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and what way to approach things?

Technology has dramatically improved the way we search and secure jobs, however, there are some out-dated myths out there regarding job hunting. What once worked for job-seekers over the years is often now not the case.

Here are five job search myths to ignore:

1) Job hopping is frowned upon

A ‘job for life’ is a great thing if you are completely happy and fulfilled. However, it may be damaging to your future career, you may be missing opportunities.  Employers like to see diversity, skills development and a positive attitude towards change in their candidates – all the things that come from switching jobs. Don’t be afraid to look for a new job every few years. It enhances your CV and offers you new opportunities.

2) Looking for a job is a full-time job

This is one of the biggest myths out there. An hour a day is all you need to look for a new job.  Especially if you’ve been in touch with a good reliable recruitment agency like Firstaff Personnel Consultants! As long as you’re searching effectively, an hour a day should be sufficient.

3) You should only apply if you have all the requirements

When putting together a job advert for a new position, managers will often look at an entire team’s skills and qualifications. No one person in the team will have them all – and the same goes for candidates.

As long as you have the core requirements, it doesn’t matter if you’re lacking some of the desirables. In fact, if you do have all the requirements, it may turn out you’re over-qualified. Just highlight how you’d use your skills in the role to create value if you’re chosen as the candidate for the job, and show you’re willing to learn.

4) Your CV should fit onto one page

The information in your CV is more important than the length of the CV.  Don’t be tempted to cut short your CV. If anything, the shorter a CV, the less likely it is to be shortlisted, as it won’t contain enough details for the employer.

Make sure all your experience, skills and anything that is specific to the job you’re applying for is contained within your CV. It also needs to be visually appealing and easy to read, so don’t put irrelevant information in there – it’ll do no good.

5) Jobs can only be found online these days

True a lot of jobs are found online – and we are living in a digital age, but it’s a myth that all jobs are online. You need to leverage your existing friends / contacts, increase your online presence and connections, and speak to other people about what’s happening at their companies. By reaching out you never know what may come from it.  The more ways you approach your job search, the more successful it will be.

It’s also very useful to speak with a recruitment consultant specialising in your field – contact Firstaff Personnel Consultants today!If you’re looking for a new job, Firstaff Personnel Consultants have a large number of Jobs in great Companies looking to hire candidates.

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