How to achieve happiness in your career pursuit?

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If you are not haunted on Sunday nights with the fear of having Monday tomorrow, then either you love your job, are happy with it or you are a start-up founder. But for people who are doing their jobs only to earn their keep and are not interested in their work, Monday mornings can be a nightmare. Start-up founders are a boss of themselves and convert what they are interested in or like, into their jobs. They don’t have an upper hand on them to control them or boss around them, so they like to do things their own way and don’t find their work a burden. In short, they have freedom to do work according to their own style.

But that is not the case with every entrepreneur. Some may still feel like a burden of showing up to their work place as they are exhausted with all the planning, finance dealing, coming up with new creative ideas, staying up-to-date with latest trends in the market etc. As a fresh start-up founder, in order to get financially stable, during the first few months of a new business setup, due to lack of finances for paying wages to the employees, the founder himself tries to perform all functions like being a manager, taking care of finances, logistics etc. Due to this level of busy schedule, it is nearly impossible to have a regular assessment of the business going on so far and to add in to the hectic routine for some change. This kind of energy expenditure can cause a person to become dull and lead to the feeling of being burdened all the time, both mentally and physically and can ultimately lead to work stress which in return is not in the favor of your business.

How to overcome such feelings and revamp your mental state? It’s common to develop anxiety towards achieving your goals while unintentionally giving yourself ultimatums but taking your job as a challenging situation can improve motivation towards work and eventually a better quality output can be seen.

So, in order to do a fresh start of your week with some energy, determination and motivated mind, then give yourself some challenges for present week and decide a little reward for yourself at the end of the week if you achieve your goal for that week. Make sure to do a review of your performance either at the end of the day or at the end of the week in order to pinpoint the actions that can be a barrier towards achieving your goal.

While setting yourself some provocations for the coming week, every Sunday night after going to bed, think about a few things before you go to sleep:

  • Do I love my job and feel happy about it?
  • Do I feel enthusiastic about the new week and its challenges?
  • Do I feel like that I have potential to reach that level of success?
  • Do I feel comfortable in interacting with people and expanding my social network for the success of my business?


If you are positive about your answers to above questions, then you are investing your time in the right job and that means that you are working not only for the world but also for yourself, you are working not only to feed yourself, but to feed your soul as well.

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