The essentials of communication – All that you need to know as a great Leader

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For all those running a successful business, the importance of communication is something that needs no emphasis. Communication is critical for clarity, teamwork, productive behaviours and inspiration. An exact opposite can be the outcome in case of bad or ill conceived communication. In fact, it is perhaps the most distinguishing single factor that sets an effective leader apart from not so effective ones. 
Here are some of the essentials of communication that every successful leader employs and every aspiring leader must adopt:
  1. It is more about listening and less about speaking. No wonder we all have 2 ears and one tongue. All great bosses are known to be great listeners and they understand that their team needs to be heard and headed. Besides being heard, every employee wants to be heard with compassion and that is yet another feature of a great boss (not only listening but listening with compassion. That implies that great bosses pay attention to what their team has to say and they take action where it warrants.
  2. Being honest and fair to the level of transparency. Great bosses are transparent in their communication. They maintain an honest and direct approach in all communication with their team. Such attitude delivers a sense of “being valued” among the employees and results in amazing workplace environs. 
  3. They acknowledge and give credit directly. One of the most prominent communication trait of great bosses is their ability to inspire through direct and addressed appreciation and credit bestowing. They make sure to pay individual credit to team members in explicit terms to build the team spirit.
  4. They understand the power of encouragement. It is one of the most effective communication tools employed by the best bosses in business today. No matter how busy you may be, take some time off to praise the hardworking employees to encourage and motivate them.
  5. They are smart in conveying even the negative appraisal. A great boss doesn’t always have great team members. This is where their communication skills of conveying the negative feedback comes into play. Not only do they convey it without mincing any words, they also suggest a way to improve and be more productive.
  6. Feedback from the team is vital for them. Great bosses consider feedback as two way traffic and they are always eager to hear from their team. They have the courage to accept and hear what might be a very valid but unpleasant feedback. They are eager to listen to any new ideas from the team members and happy to implement what is worthy enough.
  7. They are always open and willing to communicate. Great bosses have an open door policy and they employ every trick in the book to implement the concept. 
  8. They are benevolent and ready to explain. They love to explain difficult situations and share the pleasant ones with their team. They understand the power of boosting the morale of their team by answering to their emotional needs by explaining. 

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