The Waiting Process after interview

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So you’ve been through the interview process and now are waiting to hear if you’ll get an offer – This can be a very frustrating time for the candidate as usually you expect to hear from the employer quite promptly informing you if you been successful and receiving an offer or the opposite with a rejection email.

However it is unfortunate sometimes that for many candidates – the scenario where you receive radio silence and this can cause a lot of anxiety and stress.

So why do recruiters sometimes keep candidates waiting anxiously? Let’s take a look at what might be going on…

1. They’re Interviewing Other Candidates

It may be unbearable to think about – but if the job is still advertised then it isn’t unreasonable to assume they’re still looking for the right candidate. Approximately 300 apply to every job that’s posted with only 4/6 being called for interview. Then with further rounds of interviews the overall process can take several weeks. Recruiters will want to meet all potential candidates before making their decision. A job that remains advertised only delays the situation as new candidates will always keep applying and these may be called for interview also. So depending on when/where you came to apply for the job, all candidates will need a fair hearing before the recruiter comes back with an answer.

2. They Really Haven’t Made a Decision Yet

There are sometimes when they simply haven’t made their decision yet and you will just have to wait. Recruiting and hiring a new employee is expensive, both in terms of time and money, so it’s in the companies best interest to be 100% certain of their choice. The last thing anyone wants is to hire someone who isn’t the right fit.

3. Recruiting manager continuing with their day job

In addition to interviewing candidates – the recruiting manager has to continue with their daily job – and this can cause delays in getting back to all candidates.

4. They’re not making you an offer

Unfortunate as this may be, sometimes the reason for the radio silence is due to them not choosing you for the job. You may have been through many rounds of interviews and have put your best foot forward – however it may not have been enough. Don’t let this deter you though – you simply must go back over what you did well and continue to improve on this – while in your job search.

I know you can drive yourself crazy waiting to hear from a recruiter about a job – it can be very stressful / anxious time – however try not to let it get to you and think of the times they might be genuinely delayed. Two weeks is normally enough time for most companies to make a decision, so write a brief email to the HR contact if two weeks have passed! Thank them for meeting with you and ask them if they have made a decision or if they have any further questions.

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